Vacuum Sealer Fresh Pack Pro Food Packer


- Housewices don't need to worry about storing foods.

- Exclusive plastic bags with 99.9% Antibacterial treatment that solves the concern about bacteria and germs.

- Triple coating seals the foods.

- Reduces volume and keeping it safe.

- Store it in a clean and hygienin way in the refrigerator.

- Can be used with flours and condiments to retain its freshness.

- Fruites and vegerable and also nuts can be safely stored using the product.

- Eco-friendly product.

- No bacteria safe food storage and no smell.

- Keeps the food last for 2 ~3 times longer than normal.


Sealing (Plastic bags Snack bags or Normal Food bags)

- 1. Cut the roll bag as you want (6cm longer than the content)

- 2. Run the machine and see if the green light is on.

- 3. Lift up the cover put the edge of plastic bags evenly in front of the gealting line then close the cover.

- 4. Lock the both side of hooks and keep pushing the ON button for 1.5 second. You can see the red lamp when it is working.

- 5. When it stars push the cover with two hands.

- 6. When done the light changes to green from red. Unlock the hook and you have it sealed. 

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Auto Vacum Sealing

- 1. Run the machine and check the green lamp.

- 2. Lift the cover up.

- 3. Place te edge of plastic bags in front of the lower packing.

     * Do not use too much in on use.

     * Keep 3/4 of contents.

- 4. Close the cover unlock the hooks and double push the ON button.

- 5. Green lamp is on and the air inside goes out.

    *Press off button if you want to stop.

- 6. When green lamp becomes red sealing process is automatically starting.

- 7. When everything is done red lamp becomes green.

Lamp Working Process:


-Green lamp (Power ON) > Red lamp (Sealing) > Green lamp blinking (Done)

Vacuum Sealing

-Green lamp (Power ON) > Red Lamp (Vacuum pump working) > Green lamp blinking (DONE) 



- Freshpack Pro Slim Vacuum Sealer

- 1 set of exclusive plastic bags (5pcs)

- 1 exclusive roll (20cm x 400cm)


**** Important: Voltage: 220V 60Hz **

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