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VIZCLEAR HD Car Visor day and night visor

Block out glaring sunrays and dangerous blinding night lights

Glaring sunlight can literally blind you in a split second, while oncoming headlights, streetlights, neon signs and bad weather can make driving at night dangerous.
VIZCLEAR HD is a revolutionary visor that uses colour diffusion and refraction technology – not only to diffuse blinding sun glare or headlights, but also to enhance colour and brightness so you can see with high definition contrast and clarity. Flip it down and see the difference with your own eyes. You don’t even have to take your eyes off the road!
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R 489.00
+ Delivery charges

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Retail ValueR 699.00
You SaveR 210.00
  • NO MORE fumbling around for sunglasses or night vision glasses!
  • NO MORE obstructed views from your car’s sun visor!
  • NO MORE squinting while driving into dangerous, blinding sun glare or headlights at night!
  • The VIZCLEAR HD Car Visor allows you to see with remarkable high definition colour and clarity in any light:
  • Two lenses in one - one for day and one for night
  • No need for tinted prescription or night driving eyewear
  • Blocks sun and headlight glare - Avoids dangerous driving situations
  •  See street signs clearer at night - Gives you high definition vision
  •  No tools or assembly required - Installs in seconds
You can spend hundreds of rands on sunglasses and night driving glasses… or you can always have crystal clear, high definition vision at your fingertips with VIZCLEAR HD! Order your VIZCLEAR HD Car Visor now and enjoy an unobstructed view, every time you drive – day and night!
Not only will your journey be safer, but it will also be more relaxing and enjoyable.
Please Note - THIS OFFER IS a 2 for the PRICE of 1 




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We despatch from Gauteng so deliveries in Gauteng are much quicker.
Reasonable T&Cs Apply – e.g. the goods need to be returned in original condition and be returned with the original packaging. See our full T&Cs.
We are committed Hook, Line and Sinker to your Satisfaction  

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I am more than impressed. This is service that died decades ago. Perhaps you are the beginning of a revival. Let's hope so. Thank you.Kind regards,Charles
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