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The MOTOR UP Pops-A-Dent Repair Kit is the easiest and most cost effective way to repair those ugly dings and dents from your vehicle. This do-it-yourself repair kit is the one that professional auto body shops use. The MOTOR UP Pops-A-Dent Repair Kit was developed and is used by professional auto-body repair experts. Now you can have this same dent removal tool right at home. The cost savings are incredible! Unlike similar products Pops A Dent has a patent-pending arched bridge design which eliminates the chance for any additional damage to your car. Other systems without this feature have been known to actually add additional dents to the surface.

The bridge tool features a flex-n-pull design that allows the tool to flex providing maximum pulling power. Easily remove dents caused by hail, car doors, shopping carts and more without damaging the surface of your car. The patent-pending adhesive design guarantees dent removal without the need for solvents or the messy residue left behind by many other dent removal products. The MOTOR UP Pops-A-Dent Repair Kit includes 1 unique patent-pending bridge, 3 sizes of dent removal stems for different size dents, professional glue gun, two 8" glue sticks for dozens of applications, Knockdown tool and complete instructions. 

Car dent repair operation steps:

1, with a clean damp cloth clean dent part;

2, the hot melt glue stick from back into the hot melt glue gun, pull the trigger, let the glue stick into the glue guns, plugged in, make glue gun preheating 5 minutes;

3, to find a suitable traction pads (big dent need to use large traction pads; (note: the traction pads, the greater the pull the greater traction);

4, pull the trigger glue gun, with extrusion plastic covered selected traction pads (gasket of the four holes should also be coated with hot melt adhesive

5, quickly will be coated with hot melt adhesive traction pads in the central position of the grooves, gently pressure, until the hot melt adhesive curing glued down; (hot melt glue to dry about 8 minutes, we recommend that you don't let the hot melt adhesive dry time not more than 10 minutes)

6, the traction force of bridge in the middle of the hole on the cement spacer bar, screw rotating knob set set in the traction spacer bar, slowly tighten, until the dent part to flush with the surrounding surface.

7, some dents, may need to repeat the above steps, several times to dent repair it.

8, if be repaired the surface of the raised a little, please follow the steps below operation: first with their thumb back and forth friction bump point until the convex point like other surface flat; If with the thumb can't let convex point healing, tap on a bar in (position) that holds a pen gently click convex point, until healing convex point. Sometimes, you may need to repeat several times. (note: when using the tap on a stick, do not force too big) After

9, dent repair, unscrew the screw rotating button, remove the traction traction bridge, and then remove the traction pads, if you have hot melt adhesive in body surface, let hand gently torn off.

Dent King Repair Kit Includes:- 

  • 2 Dent Pullers And Bridge
  • Ding King Solution
  • Tap-Down Tool
  • Scraper
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Wing Nut
  • 3 Bonding Sticks
  • Full operating instructions
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