Polaroid Sunglasses P7206A

  • Durability. Strong, scratch-resistant coating deflects flak, spray and grit, so the eyes don't have to.
  • Superior Optics. Polaroid’s press-polish forming ensures distortion-free vision. Wearers can judge distances, depths, colours and contrasts with confidence.
  • Shock-absorbing. Lenses are tested to withstand impact and protect the eye; reassuring when the terrain is tough.
  • Glare-free. Lenses block virtually 100% of glare. No squinting, no straining. Just perfect vision in bright sun or wen light reflects off water, snow, wet roads and other surfaces.
  • Comfort. High quality light-weight frames let your skin breath and keep cool, even after hours of continuous wear.
  • Protection. 100% UV400 protection. Protects the eyes from the sun's UVA, UVB and UVC rays.
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