Pangao Vibrashape Exercise Belt

  • Name Pangao Vibrashape exercise band
  • Model PG-2012E
  • Size / Dimensions 300x200x100mm
  • Weight 500g
  • Dedicated power supply unit 3VDC(two pcs AAA batteries)30mA
  • Single use Working time  15 minutes


The PG-2012E is a step forward in fitness and body shaping.  A hand held controller controls the band which send motion signals to the various abdominal muscles. The intensity of the vibration and mode can be adjusted according to preference and body demands.  With the PG-2012E exercise is effortless, painless and can be used any time, anywhere.

This product uses low-frequency technology to produce muscle response when applied to the body.  It promotes blood circulation to assist with the elimination of toxins from the body and improved tissue health.

There are 8 different modes for optimal body toning.

  • Mode 1 – Normal ‘sit-up’ mode – works the anteriror rectus abdominal and transverse abdominal muscles to increase basal metabolic rate and reduce abdominal fat.
  • Mode 2- Normal abdominal curl with trunk twisting mode
  • Mode 3 – Abdomen extension mode
  • Mode 4 – Sit-up Speed Mode
  • Mode 5 – Flank bending and extension mode
  • Mode 6 – Abdominal core strengthening
  • Mode 7 – Abdominal extension and relaxation
  • Mode 8 – Synthetic abdominal sports


1. Microcomputer control syste

2. Simulate sit-up movement pattern

3. Ability to do lumbar and abdominal movements with alternate tension and relaxtion

4. Contract abdomen to own perfect body shape

5. Scientific movement principle – no vibration

6. Portable and easy to carry – attractive design

7. Equipped with a mini controller LDC Screen making it convenient to use

VIBRASHAPE Universal Exercise Band Model: PG-2012E

Out packing size: 280*180*86mm

Product weight: 450g

Size of Universal Exercise Band: 1040*172mm / Size of extension band: 300*700mm

Size of controller: 98*64*25mm / Size of electrode slice: square silicone patch 100*100mm

Rectangle silicone patch 120*70mm


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