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Medosan veinEx roll on 75ml

Relieve throbbing pain! Beat varicose veins 24 hours a day!

Until recently it was considered virtually impossible to do anything to stop varicose veins. But now – thanks to Medosan Vein-Ex Roll- on - there is an answer to unsightly, burning and painful varicose veins!

This Swiss-formulated topical treatment offers natural preventive care to help slow down the spreading of varicose veins and help reduce the need for more invasive and expensive treatments such as laser or surgery. Ingredients such as horse chestnut, arnica and juniper extract offer a unique combination of beneficial actions: Horse chestnut, for example, is a source of nourishment that is beneficial to the structure of veins and valves. Studies have shown that these can close small gaps in veins, thereby reducing fluid leakage that contributes to oedema.

The Medosan Vein-Ex Roll-on will bring you that much-needed relief:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases blood pressure in veins
  • Promotes more efficient pumping of blood against gravity
  • Generally improves blood circulation
  • Reduces the pooling of blood in veins
  • Helps repair damaged veins
  • Reduces fluid leakage in veins

Medosan Vein-Ex Roll-on has achieved international recognition for its natural ability to soothe throbbing pain, swelling and burning irritation, reducing the risk of future complications that would need expensive surgery. Don’t wait another day. Start caring for the health of your veins today and enjoy greater comfort!

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