Dr RASHEL Charcoal Toothpaste

DR.RASHEL charcoal whitening toothpaste includes charcoal powder, whitening factor, effective absorption, removes the bacteria that causes bad breath, achieves long lasting fresh breath, and works on the prevention of periodontitis and gingivitis.

Contains ingredients that remove plaque and tartar. It also restores the natural texture and removes discoloration of teeth that can be caused from tea and coffee, achieving superb oral health and whiter teeth.

Ingredients Efficacy: 

PEG: decomposition and removal of tar and nicotine residues produced in the tooth surface; to reduce smokers common bleeding gums, make oral health.

SPEARMINT: powerful removal bad breath, it repairs and improves the gums.

VITAMIN E: promote the gingival blood circulation, prevent gingivitis.

SILICA: It's able to thoroughly clean your teeth, to remove tartar and white teeth.

FLUORIDE: make teeth maintain moderate acidity, strengthen of calcium acid in the teeth, prevent tooth decay.  

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