BBQ Grill Mat

Do you eat, sleep and grill? It's ok, we're not here to judge.

How many times have you went to press down a hamburger patty and had it start to crumble?

Often times, our grilling experiences go something like -

Step 1) Fire up the grill

Step 2) Form your hamburger patties.

Step 3) Throw them on to the grill.

Step 4) Flip ... But wait! They're crumbling and some parts are falling through!

Step 5) Relax. It was just a dream, you're using our grill mats, which make this nightmare no longer possible ... Phew! 

Ever have some meat you're grilling, maybe a chicken breast, or thigh and then part of it fall through and get burned?

Now you're left to explain to some very judging guests how this was done intentionally as part of a new grilling technique... Well, no longer will you have to create such interesting stories, as our mats prevent your meat from falling through and cooking unevenly.

If all of this didn't make you hungry, you are a strong Grill Master!

Oh and did we also mention that:

1) You can use this all year to replace and bring old cookware back to life?

2) You can use these to keep your food free from yuckies on public grills?

3) Fold up the edges to keep your shrimp or scallops soaking in that garlic butter as they cook!

So many uses, with these non-stick mats, you'll ask yourself why you haven't been using them all your life!

Other Uses:

  • Baking
  • Frying
  • Restore old pans
  • Use on your George Foreman Grill to make cleanup a breeze
  • Works on your Pizzazz (and other) rotating pizza ovens
  • Liner for the bottom of your oven
  • Cook safely on rusty public grills


Product Information

  • Item Package Quantity: 2 
  • Size: (L)330 x (W)298 mm
  • Item Weight: 60 Gram
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