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AlmoSoft incontinence cream 100ml

Does your ‘weak bladder’ leave you with painful rashes?

Did you know that one in five people above the age of 50 battle with poor bladder control on a daily basis, leaving many fearing that a cough, a laugh or a sneeze will result in an embarrassing accident? Then you probably already know that these unfortunate little dribbles often irritate skin, leaving you red, sore and chaffed. If you are one these sufferers, then I recommend that you keep a tube of Medosan AlmoSoft Incontinence Cream handy. This Swiss-made cream contains zinc, beeswax and almond oil that work as a barrier moisturiser to protect and calm urine irritated skin. But even more importantly, it has 100% natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and waterproofing properties, which means it’s gentle and safe to use daily to prevent irritation... or worse infection!

AlmoSoft Cream:

  • Soothes skin irritations due to incontinence
  • Calms stressed skin, protects and nourishes
  • Prevents skin sores caused by moisture and friction
  • Is unscented and very gentle on skin
  • Suitable for ladies and gentlemen
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