5 in 1 Non Stick Magic Pan

Suitable for all surfaces including induction hobs.

Multi-sectional design to cook five foods at once

5 In 1 Magic Pan enables you to cook five foods on a single hob, making it perfect for a belly-busting full English breakfast. What's more, you can use it on any cooking surface - including induction hobs.

Create endless food combinations

Prepare fiery fajitas, big burger meals, or a healthy salmon, haloumi, and vegetable medley. With the 5 In 1 Magic Pan, you can create a different dish every day. Not only can you cook amazing meals but you'll only need to wash up one pan when you've finished. It's a gift from the culinary gods.

Designed for maximum performance

5 In 1 Magic Pan distributes heat evenly to the sides for efficient cooking. It also has a Whitford Xylan double-layer coating, which is rated as one of the best cooking surfaces on the market.

Non-stick / non-toxic coating (PTFE / no PFOAs)

The surface is non-toxic and non-stick, making it safe to cook on and extremely easy to clean.

Heavy-gauge bottom evenly distributes heat to sides for perfect cooking.

15-20% hotter in centre for fish and meat

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I am more than impressed. This is service that died decades ago. Perhaps you are the beginning of a revival. Let's hope so. Thank you.Kind regards,Charles
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