4 Pack Metal Straws

Eco-friendly Stainless Steel Reusable Drinking Straws that are made from lightweight, long-lasting and recyclable stainless steel. They can be reused for years and years, making them a sustainable alternative to disposable straws.


- Strong and durable

- Modern, lightweight design

- Safe for all types of foods and beverages, especially smoothies, milkshakes & pulpy juices

- A waste-free, recyclable must-have for green consumers

- Easy to clean

- FDA approved, BPA Free, non toxic and free of harmful chemicals found in plastic straws

- The stainless steel retains drink temperature for longer

- Made of 18/8 stainless steel, they will not rust, bend or break

- Say goodbye to soggy straws (i.e. paper straws).

- Does your toddler always bite straws? These keep their shape!

- Great for Travel

- Dishwasher friendly

Straw Size:

- Length: 215mm

- Diameter: 6mm

Soft-bristled cleaning brushes:

- The bonus cleaning brushes are for any bits that may get stuck in the straw, that a dishwasher isn’t able to remove.

- Keeps your reusable straws clean & hygienic

- Tolerable of high temperature sterilization.

- Dishwasher safe.

- Suitable for home use, restaurants, hospitals etc.

- They are also ideal for scrubbing other items like sippy cup straws and breast pumps.

- The brush consists of a stainless steel rod with nylon hair bristles.

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